YA Listening Session group photo23 young adults and 6 facilitators gathered the weekend of May 29-31, 2015 to discuss the theme Transitions in the Life of Young Adults: Where is the Church in These Moments? These young adult community leaders  gathered from across the country  to discuss challenges and ways to meet challenges in young adult ministry. Their discussion is summarized in the Report on 2015 Black Catholic Young Adult Listening Session.

The Archdiocese of New Orleans Office of Black Catholic Ministry produces a quarterly newsletter which includes some great stories and information from the diocese. The July 8 2015 edition includes an article by one of the Listening Session participants, Ryan Adams, about his experience at the event. 

Topics discussed over the course of this weekend included:

A Black Catholic's Perspective on the Church's Response to the Black Lives Matter Movement

Andrea Marissa Auguster, consultant for the Subcommittee on African American Affairs, wrote a reflection letter on the pressing issue of racial injustice that  the Black Lives Matter Movement draws attention to. Read her letter here: A Black Catholic's Perspective