The Catholic Communication Campaign Subcommittee is under the direction of, and assists the Committee on Communications, by advancing the evangelizing mission of the Church and the priority initiatives of the U.S. bishops through the Catholic Communication Campaign.

This mandate includes the following areas of particular responsibility:

On its own authority, approve grants in accordance with donor intent and develop targeted media resources.  Also, works collaboratively with the Committee for the National Collections for the promotion and distribution of the annual appeal materials.

Accountable to the Committee on Communications for the use of funds related to the Appeal.


  1. Assists the standing committee by developing a variety of media resources that supports the mission and priorities of the USCCB.
  2. Acts in the name of the standing committee to coordinate, administer and approve the grant process for the Catholic Communication Campaign funding.
  3. In collaboration with the Committee on National Collections, supports year-round promotion and outreach activities through established diocesan networks to realize an annual increase in the collection revenues for the appeal.
  4. Ensures accountability to the Committee on Communications in the use of funds.
  5. Reviews grantee reports to ensure that they fulfill requirements and develops annual report to donors and to the standing committee.
  6. The subcommittee works with the Committee for National Collections and the Committee on Communications to explore and support the development of other non-collection sources of revenue for the Catholic Communication Campaign.
  7. The subcommittee works with the Committee for National Collections and the Committee on communications to develop the best practices for promotion and use of funds.


  1. With the Committees on Communications, National Collections and other USCCB Committees at the request of the standing committee.
  2. With the bishops and diocesan offices for the Appeal.
  3. With grantees.
  4. With national and international organizations at the request of the Committee on Communications.