In May 2010, the USCCB Committee on Cultural Diversity in the Church convened a two-day gathering of Catholic leadership from among the many cultures and races that constitute U.S. Church membership today. The Catholic Cultural Diversity Network Convocation created an atmosphere of dialogue and collegiality by providing opportunities for leaders to exchange hopes, dreams and challenges. In the spirit of Encuentro 2000, the Convocation opened minds and hearts to the evangelizing potential of the Church's rich and growing diversity. Video.  _____________________________________________________________________________

Program and Participants

Catholic Cultural Diversity Network Convocation 2010


Homilies and Speeches

Bisho Jaime Soto's Address

Archbishop Pietro Sambi's Keynote Speech

Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory's Homily: Basilica of the Sacred Heart Mass

Bishop Edgar M. da Cunha's Homily

Family Witnesses & Reports

African American

  • Therese Wilson Favors- Archdiocese of Baltimore (Speech)
  • Desmond Drummer-Archdiocese of Atlanta

African American Family Report

Asian Pacific Island

  • Philip Tran-Archdiocese of Seattle (Speech)
  • Sr. Felicia Sarati, CSJ-Diocese of Oakland

Asian Pacific Island Family Report 

European American

  • Fr. Brett Hoover, CSP-Diocese of Oakland (Speech)
  • Joyce Francois-Archdiocese of Detroit

European American Family Report


  • Armando Cervantes-Diocese of Orange (Speech)
  • Dr. Alicia Marill-Archdiocese of Miami

Hispanic/Latino Family Report

Native American

  • Tasha Smith-Diocese of Grand Rapids (Speech
  • Fr. Maurice Henry Sands-Archdiocese of Detroit

Native American Family Report 

Pastoral Care of Migrants Refugees and Travelers (PCMRT)

  • Fr. Eulalio Ibay, STD-Diocese of Corpus Christi (Speech)
  • Ms. Joan Perou-Diocese of Rockville Center

PCMRT Family Report


African American Presence

Asian Pacific Island Presence

European American Presence

Hispanic/Latino Presence

Native American Presence

Migrants Refugees and Travelers' Presence

Additional Resources

The Convocation Notebook: A Guide on Replicating the Convocation Process