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Secretariat Newsletter 

One Church Many Cultures The Good News of Cultural Diversity is a bi-annual department newsletter (both print and electronic), that features articles from each of the six ethnic communities (African American, Asian and Pacific Islander, European Catholics, Hispanic Affairs, Native American, and Migrants, Refugees & Travelers).

"I have been able to see the richness of our great faith in these young adults, their amazing traditions, and how they incorporate their culture in prayer and at Mass." Jessica Gallegos, Director of Education K-12 Holy Spirit Catholic Community, Diocese of Boise


African American 

Cause for Sainthood Prayer Cards 

Family Prayer for Vocations 7-677

Asian and Pacific Islander


Migrant and People on the Move 

Native American 

Pope Francis 


CARA Study on PCMRT Communities Now Available!

We are excited to announce that the "PCMRT Worship Site Inventory and Demographics Study," conducted by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate at Georgetown University (CARA) from 2017-2021, is now available!

Given the often-hidden reality of many immigrants, refugees, and people on the move populations in the United States, the PCMRT Subcommittee thought it critical to conduct a survey of diocesan and worship sites across the country to obtain information on the presence, outreach, and services offered to these populations in all territorial arch/dioceses in the United States. These profiles and the national report are available at:  as well as

We are happy to offer each diocese a “Diocesan PCMRT Profile Report” as soon as it is available. An overview of the study was presented to the body of bishops on Friday, June 18th, 2021, at the Virtual June 2021 Plenary Assembly, and can be seen at:

It is our hope and prayer that this report may be of help in identifying, strengthening, and expanding outreach efforts to the many immigrants, refugees, and mobile communities in the U.S. For additional information or to request your diocesan report, please contact PCMRT - Sr. Joanna Okereke at @email

CARA Special Report: American Indian and Native Alaskan Catholics in the United States (2017) 

Coming soon 

CARA Study on Cultural Displays Catholic Church's Growing Multicultural Parish Population (2016) 

Read the press release on the second phase of the Study on Cultural Diversity Displays Catholic Church's Growing Multicultural Parish Population. Check out the completed study!