Stella Maris Logo, Anchor, Life Ring, Heart

About the Logo

Our Catholic foundations are expressed in the symbol itself as well as the name “Stella Maris”. The elements within the symbol characterize our mission. The anchor symbolizes Hope: when the anchor is dropped at sea, it holds fast to keep the ship and crew safe - just as we hold fast to our hope in God to keep us safe. The lifesaver symbolizes Faith: when a seafarer falls into the sea, they put their trust in the lifesaver to save them - just as we put our faith in God for eternal salvation. The heart symbolizes Charity: the heart of Christ. The rays of light symbolize the Light of Christ: the light emanates from the Heart of Christ. The waves of the sea mark the environment for our mission - a source of livelihood for seafarers. Accepting and believing in Faith, Hope and Charity leads seafarers and their families to the safe harbor of Heaven..