Joint Statement by Bishop T. Austin Murphy and Dr. Paul C. Empie

The series of theological conversations in which we are engaged continue to be exceedingly fruitful. We were reasonable certain that the teachings of our respective traditions regarding baptism are in substantial agreement, and this opinion has been confirmed at this meeting.

At the same time, discussions dealing with several aspects of the subject brought to light the fact that although at times we use the same words with somewhat different meanings, we also upon occasion have quite different ways of saying the same things. It has been especially interesting to discover that we have common problems related to the development of doctrine in this and other theological areas, and a comparison of approaches to the solution of these problems has been mutually useful. Some points of misunderstanding have been clarified in the process.

We will be examining subjects in future meetings which present greater difficulties, but are encouraged to proceed in the knowledge that the conversations held thus far have deepened mutual understanding and respect while strengthening the bonds of brotherly affection.  

February 13, 1966

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