The USCCB Secretariat for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs has engaged in dialogue with the Polish National Catholic Church since 1984. It addresses issues that have historically divided the churches and actively searches for visible unity. Discussions have ranged from the possibility of sacramental sharing to the role of the Petrine Ministry. In 2006, the dialogue produced a Joint Declaration on Unity, which spells out the nature of the relationship between the two bodies and looks forward to the establishment of full communion between them.

It currently meets once each year, with Bishop John E. Mack of the Buffalo Pittsburgh Diocese serving as co-chairman for the Polish National Catholics and Most Reverend Mitchell Rozanski, Archbishop of St. Louis for the Roman Catholics. Fr. Ronald Roberson, CSP, currently staffs this dialogue for the SEIA.

Documents and News Releases Produced by the Dialogue

Link to our dialogue partner: The Polish National Catholic Church