Ever wonder what happens after you drop your national collection envelope in the basket at your parish? 

With your help people around the world have grown closer to Christ and enriched their faith. See just some of the ways that your support to the collections at Mass has made a difference around the world.

Zoom in on the map and click on a marker to see how you have helped!

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 CyanCatholic Home Missions Appeal

This appeal supports struggling dioceses across the United States to provide basic pastoral resources to the faithful.

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 PurpleCatholic Campaign for Human Development

This campaign empowers those on the margins in the United States to make changes in their communities and help break the cycle of poverty.

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 GreenCollection for the Church in Latin America

This collection supports pastoral programs throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 OrangeCollection for the Church in Central and Eastern Europe

This collection supports the growth and renewal of the Church in countries that suffered oppression under communist rule.

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 RedSolidarity Fund for the Church in Africa

This fund supports dioceses and episcopal conferences across Africa as they provide pastoral care to the rapidly growing Catholic population.

Google Map Marker Icon 32x32 PinkCatholic Communication Campaign

This campaign supports communications projects that spread the Gospel message in the United States and around the world.

These projects are only possible through your support to the national collections. Thank you!

This display is a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, representation of grants made through the listed collections in 2016. Actual disbursements may vary slightly from approved amounts.