General Support

Some gifts to the national collections administered by the USCCB may be tax deductible if allowed by law; however, the USCCB strongly encourages donors to speak with a tax specialist to confirm deductibility.

You can support our work by giving to the annual collections taken up in your parish. If you miss your parish collection, or wish to give outside of the collection, you may send your donation to:

Office of National Collections
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
P. O. Box 96278
Washington DC 20090-6278

Make your check payable to USCCB-name of collection (e.g. USCCB-Church in Latin America, USCCB-Catholic Communication Campaign, etc...).

Gifts for the Peter’s Pence Collection should NOT be sent to USCCB but instead should be sent directly to the Vatican through the Apostolic Nunciature in the United States at 3339 Massachusetts Ave. NW, Washington DC 20008.

Bequest Gifts

To make one of our programs a beneficiary in your will, in estate planning or to make a restricted gift, please use the following language:

"To the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, for exclusive use by its name of program" (e.g. “To the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, for exclusive use by Catholic Home Missions”).

Contact us at 202-541-3346 if you have any questions.

Matching Gifts

Investigate whether your company has a Matching Gift Program. If so, send your donation along with the matching gift form to the Office of National Collections (see address above). Please check with your organization for details as many matching gift programs exclude religious organizations and programs. Please note that USCCB cannot process matching gift forms for donations made through a parish collection, only those it receives directly from the donor.

Stock Gifts

The most efficient method for donors and their stockbrokers to transfer gifts to the fund is by direct transfer of the stock to the National Collections Trust Account held at State Street Bank and Trust. State Street is a member of a national clearinghouse (DTC), which allows for direct transfer of stock between brokers.

The donor or his/her broker must advise State Street, in advance, that a transfer is being made so that authorizations will be in place for its acceptance. Please contact Steven Pearson, Client Service, Officer, the representative for USCCB/National Collections, by phone at 617-985-6902 or by email @email with the following information:

  • Donor Name and Address
  • Broker Name, DTC Number, and Phone Number
  • Gift details (X number of shares of X stock)
  • Cusip and/or Ticker (if known)
  • Date of Transfer

 The USCCB’s delivery information is:

  • DTC Account Name: State Street Bank and Trust
  • DTC Participant Number: 02DB
  • DTC Agent Number: 26022
  • Reference: FBO USCCB/Name of Collection (e.g. USCCB/Catholic Campaign for Human Development; USCCB/Catholic Home Missions; USCCB/Church in Central & Eastern Europe)

Please copy Nicole Germain at @email on any communication with State Street. She can also be reached at 202-541-3365 if you have questions.