To reach staff in the Office of National Collections, please call 202-541-3400, email, or write to 3211 4th St NE, Washington DC 20017.

Staff can also be reached by fax: Church in Africa, Church in Latin America, and all other activities: 202-541-3460; Church in Central and Eastern Europe: 202-541-3406; Catholic Home Missions: 202-541-3473.


Mary Mencarini Campbell, Executive Director
Andrea Lopez, Grants Administrator
Elena Baydina, Grants Administrator

Catholic Home Missions

Kevin Day, Director
Kenneth Ong, Grants Specialist

Church in Africa

Ed Kiely, Director
J. Christelle Bassilekin, Grants Specialist

Church in Central and Eastern Europe

Tetiana Stawnychy, Director
Andrew Kirkpatrick, Grants Program Specialist

Church in Latin America

Rev. Leo Perez, OMI, Director
David Corrales, Grants Specialist
Jacques Liautaud, Project Manager for the Church in Haiti


Nicole Germain, Assistant Director
Colin O'Brien, Promotions Coordinator


Gina Laurent, Assistant Director
Stacey McLaughlin, Data Specialist