The Apostolate of the Road

For all who travel by land, the Apostolate of the Road is working on establishing chapels and chaplaincies in our railroad stations and bus stations, truck stops, rest stops, visitor centers, wayside shrines, and parish churches along the highways. This ministry is for passengers, visitors, and workers, and for those who travel on roads and highways throughout the United States.

Presently, there are Truck Stop Chaplaincies in two locations, one Railroad Chaplaincy, and a Catholic Motorcycle Ministry under development. The National Office hopes to work with local dioceses in developing literature and advertising for the Apostolate of the Road.


For more information about the Apostolate of the Road, write the address below, or e-mail: Reference the apostolate in your message.

The Apostolate of the Road
Office for Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees and Travelers
3211 Fourth Street, NE
Washington DC 20017