Houston Maritime Chaplaincy Training Program

Working alongside the AOS worldwide are the men and women of many other major denominations. They respond with much talent, time, and devotion not only for seafarers but also for chaplains and pastoral associates. Evidence of this is the ecumenical school of training in the Port of Houston. Established more than fifteen years ago, the school program examines most facets of the chaplain's work. All AOS chaplains are urged to pursue and further their education.

These Christian denominations have in common a love of seafarers and a desire to share the Word of God. Under the title of the North American Maritime Ministry Association, the Churches meet annually to consider ways to better the lifestyle of sailors.

This larger forum advocates a program of shared prayer, exchange of ideas, and a spirit of cooperation. Special interdenominational committees are formed to update the legislative and judicial bodies about seafarers' rights that have been neglected or violated.

Houston School Application 2019

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