The Migrant Farmworker Apostolate coordinates the ministry to migrant and seasonal agricultural laborers in the United States by coordinating and developing pastoral outreach to the three to five million farmworkers in the United States. This office serves as a resource and provides assistance to diocesan and parish staff as well as other agencies serving migrant farmworkers and acts as a liaison for the USCC Migration and Refugee Services to the NCCB Secretariat for Hispanic Affairs. Its mission is carried out particularly through the development of catechetical, liturgical and evangelization materials for use with farmworkers, the promotion of regional, diocesan and local gatherings of persons involved in ministry with farmworkers, and assistance to the MRS Policy Unit on the development of statements and positions regarding legislation affecting farmworkers.

The Migrant Farmworker Apostolate actively collaborates with the Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network (CMFN) in fulfillment of its mission through representation on its Board of Directors; dissemination of current policy information through the CMFN newsletter, Network News; periodic legislative updates/alerts to its membership and promotion; and maintenance of the network of pastoral leaders ministering to migrant farmworkers across the country. The Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network also acts in an advisory capacity to the Coordinator of the Migrant Farmworker Apostolate.

CMFN Membership

Members of the Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network (CMFN) help to provide spiritual and educational opportunities to farmworkers and other migrant and rural populations.  All are welcome to join this initiative.  To become a member of CMFN, refer to the Online Membership Form.

Current CMFN efforts include the Women's Empowerment Process, a Spanish guidebook with 4 sessions for groups of migrant women that can be used as a mini retreat or for weekly gatherings. The first edition of the WEP was completed in the fall of 2013, and they plan to continue improving it in the future.

In 2013 they also updated and reprinted the bilingual booklet "Walking Toward the Kingdom Without Fear", which contains the Declaration of the Community of Migrant Farmworkers and Rural Immigrants and the Recommendations and Resolutions from the Second CMFN National Consultation in 2007. The booklet includes some history and background about CMFN and, most importantly, the prophetic statements of the migrant farmworkers and rural immigrants who address the Church leadership with their hopes and concerns.

More Information

For more information about the Migrant Farmworker Apostolate, write the address below, or e-mail: @email. Reference the apostolate in your message.

Migrant Farmworker Apostolate
Office for Pastoral Care of Migrants, Refugees and Travelers
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