Those whose work and lifestyle necessitate frequent travel may be unable to participate in a local parish community year round. Yet they and their families have the same needs for religious formation, preparation for the reception of the sacraments, opportunities to deepen their relationship with Christ and a need to be welcomed by Catholic parishes when they are in local communities.

Therefore, the Catholic Church's concern for people on the move expresses itself primarily in a ministry of pastoral accompaniment. Diocesan priests, men and women religious, and lay leaders are involved in national, diocesan and parish efforts to provide pastoral outreach to people on the move. They are linked to the Office for the Pastoral Care of Migrants and Refugees through national Catholic organizations devoted to providing for the pastoral needs to people on the move wherever they work and travel in the United States.

People on the Move ministries include:

  • Airport and airline workers and travelers in conjunction with the National Catholic Conference of Airport Chaplains (NCCAC).
  • Port and ship chaplains, seafarers and fishers, all who work on water or in ports and those who travel by water, maritime students, and families of the People of the Sea, in conjunction with Apostleship of the Sea USA (AOSUSA).
  • Circus and Carnival Workers in conjunction with Circus and Traveling Show Ministries and the International Forum of Christian Organizations for the Pastoral Care of Circus and Carnival Workers.
  • Gypsies and Irish Travelers in conjunction with the International Catholic Committee for Gypsies (CCIT).
  • Migrant Farm Workers in conjunction with the Catholic Migrant Farmworker Network (CMFN).
  • Race Car drivers in conjunction with Championship Auto Racing Team Ministries.
  • Tourism - National Parks, Tourist Centers, pilgrimage groups, and workers in the Tourist industry.
  • Truckers, highway travelers and workers at truck stops, bus stations and rest stops in conjunction with the National Diaconate Office.