aos-boats-in-harbor-montageThe AOS relies on the help of those who share its concern for the well-being
of all seafarers. Here's what you can do to participate in this mission:

  • Spread the word and acquaint more people with AOS and its work.
  • If you have friends in a port city or if you live in a port city that has neither a Catholic Maritime Center nor any Catholic program for seafarers, discuss with your parish and other Catholics the possibility of beginning and sustaining such a ministry.
  • Volunteer your services at the local seafarers' center.
  • If you are a seafarer, take up the task of the AOS. The chaplain cannot do the Church's work alone.
  • Ask the AOS chaplain or any priest how you may become a eucharist minister or prayer leader to enhance spiritual life aboard ship.
  • Make a donation to your local AOS Stella Maris Maritime Center or the National Office of the Apostleship of the Sea.