Pro-Life Legislation

The USCCB advocates for policies that protect and respect human life and dignity, with special concern for those who are unborn, disabled, or terminally ill; seeks to eliminate legalized abortion; opposes legalization of assisted suicide or euthanasia; opposes domestic and foreign abortion funding and efforts to force states and health plans to fund abortion; and supports medical research that respects human life, while opposing human cloning and harmful experiments on human embryos. We encourage you to visit the web site of the USCCB department of Pro-Life Activities for more information.

Legislative Issues in the 111th Congress:

Abortifacient Drugs:

Support rescinding Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for RU-486.

Abortion Funding Bans (Appropriations Riders):

Oppose federal support of abortion in domestic and international health programs, military hospitals, District of Columbia, and federal prisons.

Abortion Regulations:

Support informed consent for women and safety regulations and reporting requirements for abortion clinics.

Abortion Rights (Freedom of Choice Act):

Oppose the establishment of abortion as a fundamental right and efforts to strike down existing abortion restrictions and regulations.

Abstinence Education:

Maintain dedicated funding for abstinence education programs.

Alternatives to Abortion (Pregnant Women Support Act):

Support efforts for pregnant women who may otherwise resort to abortion and for their children.

Conscience Protection:

Oppose discrimination against health care providers that do not participate in abortion, and work to incorporate this policy into permanent law.

Contraceptive Abortifacient Mandates Protection:

Oppose the creation of new mandates for contraceptive or potentially abortifacient drugs; support conscience protection for those who may be affected.

Cord Blood Funding:

Increase funding for public cord blood banking.

Euthanasia Medical Neglect:

Oppose the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide or the weakening of protections for the lives of handicapped newborns.

Family Planning Funding (Title X):

Oppose increased funding for Title X programs and support needed reforms (more effective exclusion of abortion from the program; respect for parental rights).

Foreign Aid:

Oppose U.S. funding for organizations that promote abortion overseas or support coercive population programs; support morally appropriate international aid.

Health Care Reform:

Support the unborn child rule in the Children's Health Insurance Program; oppose abortion as a mandated benefit in any health care reform proposal.

Human Cloning:

Support a ban on human cloning for any purpose, and the patenting of human embryos.

Parental Rights:

Oppose the transport of minors across state lines to evade parental involvement laws on abortion.

Stem Cell Research :

Oppose research that uses stem cells obtained by destroying unborn human life; support funding for morally acceptable alternatives.