Across the globe, war, natural disasters, political strife, extreme poverty, and human trafficking combine to affect families in ways often unimaginable. Families are separated by migration for long periods of time, sometimes indefinitely. A decrease in the availability of visas makes prompt reunification unrealistic. Unaccompanied minors are exploited. Difficult and expensive legal systems keep families apart.

The Catholic Relief Services Collection values families. It works to provide for their basic humanitarian needs, protect vulnerable children, reunite families, and encourage legislation that reflects the importance of family in society. The reach of this Collection spans the globe, helping families on every continent from an array of ethnicities and backgrounds, addressing a myriad of needs. 

The Collection supports six Catholic agencies that prioritize the family and protect the life and dignity of each person:

By supporting The Catholic Relief Services Collection, you help these organizations build richer lives for faithful around the world.

The Catholic Relief Services Collection is promoted by staff of the Committee on National Collections. Collection funds are administered by the USCCB Administrative Committee.