Volunteers as a Lifeline:

"We couldn't do resettlement without our co-sponsors. Our groups of volunteers are a lifeline for our newcomer families. It is how refugees start growing roots in their new city or town." Taylor Fisher, Assistant Director of Refugee Resettlement Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.

What is Co-Sponsorship?

  • Co-sponsorship provides local volunteer groups with an opportunity to have meaningful encounters with refugees in their early days after arriving in the United States. Working alongside local resettlement agencies, groups of volunteers share the responsibility of meeting the needs of newcomers and helping them find their place in their new neighborhoods. 
  • Through co-sponsorship, local resettlement staff match groups of volunteers with refugee arrivals for an agreed upon commitment of time and responsibility. These groups serve as a connection to the local community and collaborate with the local resettlement office to meet a variety of the newcomers’ needs, including furnishing housing, assisting with transportation needs, helping enroll children in school, and helping connect refugees to health care.
  • Co-sponsors commit to at least 3 months and are responsible for at least 8 of the refugee family’s essential support needs. Some local resettlement agencies also offer opportunities for groups of volunteers to accompany a refugee for a shorter period and take on fewer responsibilities than co-sponsors. 
  • Participation in co-sponsorship varies by local office. If you are interested in learning more about potential options in your area, contact USCCB’s Community Sponsorship Coordinator, Rebekah Korver at