Session Four: Navigating the Course – Starting and persevering in the process (length: 2 hours)

Session four offers strategies to guide the actual planning process, including tips for meeting management, keeping on schedule, and communicating with stakeholders.

Session Four Support Materials

Support materials are arranged sequentially and are designed to accompany the information presented in the video. The files can be accessed as needed or used in their entirety. Click on each link below to download.

  1. Summary information on components of a detailed strategic property planning process

  2. List and general description of typical phases of a strategic property planning process

  3. List of factors and variables that can affect a planning timetable

  4. Suggestions for developing a planning team or committee meeting schedule

  5. Summary of project management principles applicable to strategic property planning processes

  6. General characteristics of well-planned and productive meeting agendas

  7. Attributes of useful meeting summaries

  8. List of potential stakeholders to be included in a communications plan and strategy

  9. Basic elements of an effective communications plan and strategy

  10. Suggested talking points to guide member conversations about strategic property planning processes

  11. Tips for controlling rumors and misinformation

  12. Tips to help generate choices in a strategic property planning process

  13. Example progress report to be completed by professional advisor

  14. Questions to ask when a strategic property planning process is off track

  15. Questions about costs that professional advisors should be asked periodically

  16. Minimal requirements for invoice support

  17. Working successfully with professional service advisors: expectations, tips and questions you should never be afraid to ask

  18. Indicators that a professional services relationship may be in trouble or failing

  19. List of major session take-aways from strategic property planning session four – "Navigating the Course"

  20. Glossary of key terms used in Session 4