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The National Religious Retirement Office coordinates the annual national appeal for the Retirement Fund for Religious and distributes financial assistance for retirement needs to eligible religious institutes. The National Religious Retirement Office and the Retirement Fund for Religious are sponsored by the Conference of Major Superiors of Men, Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, Leadership Conference of Women Religious, and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  NRRO strives to support, educate and assist religious institutes in the United States to care for their elderly and frail members now and in the future. NRRO aims to:

  1. raise funds for retired religious;
  2. help religious institutes realistically assess their current retirement needs and implement planning;
  3. educate religious institutes to allocate assets realistically;
  4. develop educational tools, programs, services and resource materials that enable religious institutes to address retirement wisely.

A Mercer Human Resources Consulting report commissioned by NRRO projected that by 2034 religious institutes will face retirement deficit of $9.8 billion.  Mercer Actuarial Study 

If you are a member of a religious institute seeking information about financial assistance or other NRRO resources, go to the Financial Assistance and Resources links.

To reach the National Religious Retirement Office, call 202-541-3215, email @email, or write to 3211 4th St NE, Washington DC 20017.

Visit www.retiredreligious.org to learn more about who we help and why they need our help now.
Please give to the Retirement Fund for Religious appeal in your parish Or send your donation to:
Retirement Fund for Religious

P.O. Box 96988
Washington, D.C. 20090-6988

Words from Our Donors

We are sending heartfelt greetings and appreciation to you in memory of our daughter's favorite teacher, her sixth grade teacher in Catholic elementary school.  She was a wonderful person who inspired our daughter to go on to teaching small children as her vocation and life's work.  We thank God today and every day for every religious who taught us in school, not only our ABC's but also to love God.

My dear Aunt was a Notre Dame Nun since she entered the convent at 15 years of age.  Her passing several years ago was felt by uncounted people whose lives she touched.  Please accept this gift in her honor. 

This collection is especially important to me because the Dominican Sisters and the Jesuit priests and brothers had a profound impact on my intellectual, social and, most importantly, spiritual development. Life has not always been easy, but it has always been pointed toward God, even when the route seemed especially circuitous.  I couldn't have continued my journey without the foundation the Dominicans and Jesuits helped God lay for me.  I had the pleasure of having breakfast with my fourth grade teacher earlier this year.  She now lives in the Motherhouse and remains ever faithful to our wonderful, abundant, loving Lord.  Seeing her was one of the highlights of my year.

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