Expectations of Participants

Financial and consultative assistance for religious institutes in developinomprehensive retirement plan and in implementing that plan. Funding decisions are based on the ability of the proposed plan to increase significantly the institute’s capacity to provide for the elder members now and into the future. Institutes that wish to avail themselves of this assistance will take part iix step process.

  1. A short pre-visit by NRRO volunteer consultants.

  2. Participation of the superior, treasurer and retirement director iwo-three day workshop with NRRO staff and volunteer consultants.

  3. Request for planning funds, if needed.

  4. Development olan with assistance from NRRO consultants and staff

  5. Site visit by NRRO consultants to review plan and make recommendation regarding funds to assist with implementation of plan.

  6. Funding decisions made by NRRO Management Board.