Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus

On January 26, 2021, Pope Francis ordered the inscription of Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus into the General Roman Calendar, to replace the existing celebration of Saint Martha alone.  Sts. Martha, Mary and Lazarus are celebrated each year as an Obligatory Memorial on July 29.

The proper liturgical texts were released by the Holy See in Latin. Some existing texts have remained the same—the entrance and Communion antiphons at Mass, indications in the Lectionary, the final responsory in the Office of Readings, and the Canticle of Mary antiphon in Evening Prayer—while others have been adjusted slightly or included for the first time. English and Spanish translations of the newer texts must be approved by the USCCB and confirmed by the Holy See before they can be implemented in the United States.

Below are interim liturgical guidelines for the celebration of Sts. Martha, Mary and Lazarus:

Roman Missal

An interim Mass formulary has been approved for use at this time, and is available as a free PDF download in both English and Spanish.

English  Español

Lectionary for Mass

The existing indications in the Lectionary for the Mass readings on this Memorial have been retained (see vol. II or III, Proper of Saints, no. 607): the Gospel Acclamation and Gospel are mandatory, but the First Reading and Responsorial Psalm may be taken either from the Mass readings of the day or from the Proper of Saints.

Liturgy of the Hours

Office of Readings

Psalmody of the day. First and Second Readings with their Responsories of the day (see General Instruction of the Liturgy of the Hours, no. 235d), and Concluding Prayer from the Common of Holy Men.

Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer

Psalmody of the day. Other elements from the Psalter of the day or the Common of Holy Men. Concluding Prayer from the Common of Holy Men.