Sacraments and Social Mission

The sacraments the Church celebrates are signs of grace that make a deeper reality present to us. One reality we encounter through the sacraments is Christ's presence in the Church community, his body. This recognition of Christ's presence in the community should lead to a stronger awareness of being sent on mission to engage in concrete, love-inspired action in the world.

"Dear brothers and sisters, being the Church, to be the People of God, in accordance with the Father's great design of love, means to be the leaven of God in this humanity of ours. It means to proclaim and to bring God's salvation to this world of ours, so often led astray, in need of answers that give courage, hope and new vigor for the journey.... We must go out through these doors and proclaim the Gospel."

- Pope Francis, General Audience, 6/12/13

The resources below can help you to better understand the connections between the celebration of the sacraments and our social mission as followers of Jesus and the Body of Christ. 

Sacraments and Social Mission: Living the Gospel, Being Disciples | en Español A 28-page booklet and study guide. 

Baptism: Incorporated into Christ's Body, Sent on Christ's Mission | en Español

Eucharist and Social Mission: Body of Christ, Broken for the World | en Español

The Eucharistic Liturgy: Formed, Transformed, and Sent | en Español

Confirmation: Strengthened by the Spirit, Called to Action | en Español

Matrimony: United in Love, Strengthened for Service | en Español

Holy Orders: Ordained to Serve, Gather, Transform and Send | en Español

Penance: Reconciled to Right Relationship, Called to Heal and Restore | en Español

Anointing of the Sick: Joined to Christ, Witnesses of Hope and Healing | en Español


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