Cable of Solidarity Sent to Bishop Vega, July 18, 1985

Year Published
  • 2013
  • English

Bishop James W. Malone, July 18, 1985 

CABLE TO: Most Reverend Pablo Antonio Vega
Bishop of Juigalpa
President, Conferencia Episcopal de Nicaragua 

FROM: Bishop James W. Malone
Bishop of Youngstown
President, NCCB/USCC

Dear Bishop Vega: 

As your nation approaches the sixth anniversary of a revolution born of hopes for a free and just society, we greet you as brothers in the Lord and express solidarity with you in this difficult moment in Nicaragua's history. 

Many of the hopes widely held six years ago have been tempered and dimmed by events since then. We grieve for the sufferings of the Nicaraguan people caused by continuing violence, the manipulation of your nation's destiny by outside forces, including both superpowers, and the deprivation of basic human rights. 

We assure you of our prayers and continuing support for your efforts on behalf of the deepest aspirations of your people. The pastoral leadership of the Nicaraguan bishops strikingly recognized by the Holy Father in the appointment of Cardinal Obando y Bravo to the College of Cardinals, is an inspiration to us and the whole Church.