Letter to Ambassador of Argentina on Reports of Missing Persons, February 9, 1977

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  • 2011
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February 9, 1977

H. E. Alberto Aja Espil
Ambassador of Argentina
1600 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

Enclosed is a report prepared by the Catholic Church's Vicaria de la Solidaridad in Santiago, Chile concerning thirteen persons who disappeared during the month of December, 1976.

According to information received yesterday, the Government of Chile declared on February 7, 1971 that eight of those persons are in fact in Argentina. Those eight persons are indicated on the enclosed report, Section II, the dates given with each name are the dates each person supposedly entered Argentina.

Further details were provided on four:

1. Araya Cabrera (#1), Berrios Cataldo (#6) and Pereira Plaza (#Il) were said to have entered on foot at Paso de los Libertadores.

2. Pinto Arroyo (#5) was said to have entered by car bearing Argentine license plate M 124961.

Because this matter bears a striking resemblance to the notorious case of the 119 disappeared persons, many of whom were falsely reported to have turned up in Argentina in July of 1975, it would seem highly advantageous for the Government of Argentina to determine the facts of the matter as quickly as possible.

I would be moat grateful if you could provide us with such confirmation of denial of the Chilean information as you may now have or will subsequently receive.

With appreciation for your attention to this urgent matter, I remain


Rev. J. Bryan Hehir
Associate Secretary

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