Letter of Support for Church in Bolivia, December 10, 1981

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December 10, 1981

Most Rev. Luis Rodriguez Pardo
Archbishop of Santa Cruz
President of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference
Casilla 2309
La Paz, Bolivia

Dear Archbishop Rodriguez:

The clear positions adopted by the Bishops of Bolivia over the past year have been a source of edification and encouragement to many. As you have applied the teachings of Catholic social thought to the serious problems confronting Bolivia today, you have helped to create the national consciousness that we pray will soon lead to a more just and peaceful society.

We join with you in your defence of the rights of workers, especially of the miners, to organize freely and to press their just demands.

We join with you in urging freedom for the communications media, especially for the right of the Church's radio stations to resume broadcasting.

And, especially now as we approach the Birth of the Prince of Peace, we join with you in the fervent plea that the several thousand Bolivians now exiled from their homeland for political reasons be granted Christmas amnesty and be allowed to return to the Bolivian family.

Fraternally yours in the Lord, 

Most Rev. John R. Roach

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