Message on the Church's Role in Peace in Nicaragua, April 4, 1988

Year Published
  • 2013
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Archbishop John L. May
Archbishop of St. Louis
President, NCCB

March 4, 1988

I express the episcopal solidarity and support of our bishops' conference to you, your brother bishops and the Church in Nicaragua at this difficult time.

I am distressed and concerned by recent actions of the Nicaraguan government which limit the crucial contribution you are making to the peace process.  I wish to express our profound disappointment that your service of mediation between contending parties in our country has apparently been terminated.

We believe the pursuit of justice and peace requires the active support and involvement of the Church in Nicaragua and its chief shepherd.  We hope and pray that the contending parties will use every available opportunity to heed the call of the Church to pursue good faith negotiation, honest and sincere dialogue, and effective end to the violence and true respect for the dignity and rights of all the Nicaraguan people as called for in the Central American peace process.

Our prayers and pledge of continuing solidarity and support are with you and the Church of Nicaragua  We stand read;y to be of assistance.