Statement on the 2nd Anniversary of the Jesuit Murders, November 15, 1991

Year Published
  • 2013
  • English

Archbishop John R. Roach

November 15, 1991 


On this second anniversary of the killing of the Jesuit priests and their colleagues at San Salvador's Central American University, there is reason to believe that their deaths have already borne fruit. 

The peace process that was, in November 1989, severely threatened both by the FMLN offensive and the harshness of the government response, has in this year taken major steps forward. 

The New York Agreement, signed by both sides just weeks ago, commits the parties to an irreversible process of good faith negotiations. UN-mediated talks, aimed at concluding with a definitive cease-fire, are going on at this moment. 

And just now, the FMLN has committed its forces to an indefinite cease-fire, commencing tomorrow, November 16, the anniversary of the Jesuits' deaths. It is our firm hope and our prayer that the rebel forces will fully observe the commitment and that the Salvadoran government will respond in kind. 

In life, the work of these Jesuits helped make possible the negotiated settlement to the conflict; in death, their sacrifice and their example have given new heart to all who seek peace. 

May the six priests and the two women who died with them continue to inspire all who truly care for El Salvador to work ceaselessly for peace, justice and reconciliation in that land.