Statement on Human Rights Violations in Chile, February 14, 1974

Year Published
  • 2011
  • English
Administrative Board, USCC, February 14, 1974

In our resolution celebrating the 25th anniversary of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we noted that moral principles must be applied to foreign policy:

“... the pervasive presence of American power creates a responsibility of using that power in the service of human rights.... The link between our economic assistance and regimes which utilize torture, deny legal protection to citizens and detain political prisoners without due process clearly is a question of conscience for our government and for each of us as citizens in a democracy.”

We are deeply distressed by the violations of human rights taking place in Chile. We associate ourselves in solidarity with the Church in Chile during these troubled times. We are also concerned that in the face of these violations our government is escalating its financial aid to the Chilean junta.

Therefore, with the exception of humanitarian aid, we urge the United States Government to condition its financial aid and military assistance to Chile upon the demonstration that human and civil rights have been restored in that country.

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