Below is the current listing of national ministry organizations and arch/diocesan programs of ministry formation with standards and procedures for certification approved by the USCCB Subcommittee on Certification for Ecclesial Ministry and Service, as well as programs preparing for approval.* Learn more about how programs and organizations gain approval for ministry certification standards.

Allied National Ministry Organizations with Approved Certification Standards

National Association of Catholic Chaplains Logo

National Association of Catholic Chaplains (NACC) & Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition (CPMC)

Certification offered:

  • Certified Catholic Correctional Chaplain, through NACC
Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition logo

Additional formation resourcing commended by the subcommittee

  • Training program services for volunteer Catholic prison ministers available to individuals, dioceses, state and regional Catholic Conferences, and prison ministries support organizations

NACC website | NACC: Partnership with CPMC page | Contact: Erica Cohen Moore, Executive Director (Office email)

CPMC website | CPMC: Training & Certification page | For details: Email @email

Catholic Prison Ministries Testimonial: Jennifer Rogers

Catholic Prison Ministries Testimonial: Jennifer Rogers

A Catholic jail & prison ministry volunteer reflects on what drew her to this ministry and her experience working with prison residents. She also highlights the value of the Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition's formation resourcing.

 National Organizations with Approved Certification Standards

CCMA logo

Catholic Campus Ministry Association

Certification offered

  • Professional Catholic Campus Minister (3 tiers: essential, integral, advanced)

Organization website

Contact: Michael St. Pierre, Executive Director (Office email)

Becoming a Certified Catholic College Campus Minister

Becoming a Certified Catholic College Campus Minister

The Catholic Campus Ministry Association is committed to supporting, connecting, and forming campus ministers. Learn more about the developmental approach to ministry preparation they use for those seeking certification.

FDLC logo.

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions (FDLC)

Certifications offered

  • Diocesan Director of Worship
  • Parish Director of Liturgy

Organization website

Contact: Rita Thiron, Executive Director (Office email)

National Association of Lay Ministry Logo

National Association for Lay Ministry (NALM)

Certifications offered

  • Pastoral Associate
  • Parish Business Manager
  • Parish Life Coordinator

Organization website

Contact: Jamie Moloney, Board President (Office email)

National Association of Catholic Chaplains Logo

National Association of Catholic Chaplains

Certifications offered

  • Board Certified Chaplain
  • Certified Associate Chaplain
  • Palliative Care and Hospital Advanced Certification
  • Board Certified Veterans' Chaplain
  • Certified Catholic Correctional Chaplain

Additional formation resourcing approved by the subcommittee

  • Diocesan Pastoral Care Competencies for the Sick, the Homebound and Older Adults
  • NACC Code of Professional Ethics & Ethics Procedures Manual

Organization website | Certification Competencies & Procedures PagePartners in Pastoral Care page

Contact: Erica Cohen Moore, Executive Director (Office email)

NPM Logo

National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM)

Certification offered

  • Director of Music Ministries

Organization website

Contact: Jennifer Kluge, Executive Director (Office email)

NFCYM logo

National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM)

Certifications offered

  • Diocesan Youth Ministry Leader, including pastoral juvenil hispana
  • Parish Youth Ministry Leader, including pastoral juvenil hispana
  • High School Campus Ministry Leader

Organization website

Contact: Christina Lamas, Executive Director (Office email)

Arch/Diocesan Offices with Approved Certification Standards


San Bernardino logo

Diocese of San Bernardino: Ministry Formation Institute

Certifications offered

  • Adult Faith Formation Coordinator
  • Catechetical Leader
  • Charity & Justice Coordinator
  • Life & Dignity Coordinator
  • Liturgical Ministry Coordinator
  • Young Catholics Ministry Coordinator
  • Pastoral Associates

Diocesan website

Contact: Dr. Amanda Alexander, Director


Archdiocese of Chicago Crest

Archdiocese of Chicago:

Institute for Pastoral Leadership - University of St. Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois

Certifications offered

  • Coordinator of Religious Education
  • Coordinator of Adult Faith Formation
  • Coordinator of Youth Ministry
  • Pastoral Associate
  • Director of Religious Education Institute for Pastoral Leadership Logo
  • Director of Adult Faith Formation
  • Director of Youth Ministry

Institute website

Contacts: Dr. Linda Couri, Director, Institute of Pastoral Leadership & Dave Retseck, Senior Associate Director


Detroit logo

Archdiocese of Detroit: Office of Ministerial Certification

Certifications offered

  • Christian Service Coordinator
  • Coordinator of Youth Ministry
  • Director of Religious Education
  • Parish Catechetical Leader
  • RCIA Coordinator
  • Liturgical Musician

Office website

Contact: Dr. Marlon de la Torre, Director of Evangelization and Missionary Discipleship



Houston  logo

Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston: Office of Evangelization and Catechesis / la oficina de evangelización y catequesis

Certification offered  / certificación para

  • Parish Catechetical Leader / Líder Catequético Parroquial

Programs offered in English and Spanish / Entrenamientos ofrecidos en inglés o español

Office website / el sitio web de la oficina

Contacts / para contactar: Debbie Jones, Director / Directora

* Use of approved certification standards by organizations does not imply USCCB subcommittee approval of any particular organization or ministry formation program, but only the standards used in such programs.

A note about the Alliance for the Certification of Lay Ecclesial Ministers: As of January 1, 2022, the Alliance (ACLEM) has concluded its joint service in the administration of national certification standards. Per the information provided to our office and posted on their website, those seeking national certification in a particular ministry role previously handled by the Alliance, or seeking to keep certifications current, should reach out to the national ministry organization that previously supported that certified role directly for more information. The standards produced by the Alliance and approved by the USCCB subcommittee remain approved and are held in-common by the several organizations of the Alliance.

Additionally, as of January 1, 2022, the former member organization of the Alliance, In Word & Witness (formerly the National Conference for Catechetical Leadership), has ceased operation. Those with questions regarding certifications offered through this organization should contact their board of directors or representatives directly for follow up.