Publishers may voluntarily submit their texts and materials to the Subcommittee for review. Once the Subcommittee has deemed these materials in conformity with the Catechism, they are added to the Conformity Review List, which is updated on a regular basis:

Conformity Review List

Though texts and materials on this list have been found in conformity with the Catechism, the review process is limited to doctrinal content. The review process does not include pedagogy or other aspects of the text. The Subcommittee does not endorse any particular texts or series.

Please note that there are several reasons why a text or series has not been included on this list. Sometimes these might be under review, in the revision stage following a review, or simply not eligible. The Subcommittee and its staff observe strict confidentiality and are unable to comment on texts not found on this list. Questions about texts or series not on the list should be directed to publishers.