As the official anti-poverty agency of the Catholic bishops in the United States, CCHD is accountable to them and operates at the highest levels of fidelity to Church teaching, integrity and transparency in its mission to provide critical support to poor persons. CCHD monitors grant recipients through an exacting reporting process in cooperation with the local diocese. Only groups that have received formal approval from the local bishop may receive a CCHD grant.

CCHD requires of each grantee the highest standards of accountability and conformity with the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. If a group commits offenses against Catholic moral teaching, or undermines the Church's defense of the unborn or her promotion of the family, a grant qualification is rescinded.

About CCHD
Answers to questions like:
What is the CCHD?
Where do CCHD funds come from?
Who benefits from CCHD?

Catholic Identity
Answers to questions like:
Is CCHD Catholic?
Why doesn’t CCHD only fund Catholic initiatives?

CCHD Application Review Process
A detailed explanation of CCHD’s review process. 

Upholding Catholic Values
Information about how CCHD safeguards Catholic values in its grant making?

Community Organizing
Answers to questions like:
What is community organizing?
Does CCHD only fund community organizing?
Why is the Catholic Church supportive of community organizing efforts?

If you have questions about CCHD and its funding practices, please let us know by e-mailing us at CCHD.