"Reflections of Jesus" by Dong Phung, Diocese of Spokane


The illustration depicts Jesus teaching children; young people helping Jesus carry his cross; children sharing loaves and fishes; and two youths rescuing a sheep. The image portrays the role of young people in working to address poverty. With a "spirit of solidarity and voluntarism . . . all of us have to unite and support one another in order to advance a better future, a better society."Watch Dong receive the award at the National Catholic Youth Conference (begin watching at minute 116).


2nd Place, Grades 7-9
"Si Se Puede" by Kara Hoffman, Diocese of St. Petersburg

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The artist attended a community action event by Faith Action for Strength Together, a group of churches that receives funding from the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. She learned about migrant workers' struggles to overcome poverty by advocating for fair wages and workers' rights.


2nd Place, Grades 10-12
"Heart in Hands" by Julianne Poisy, Diocese of Worcester


"The figure is holding the heart to represent solidarity. Humans should take care of one another and treat one another with respect…. It represents empowerment because it shows how each person has the ability to take care of someone with love no matter what their situation. We are all connected as one human family no matter what our 'story' is."


3rd Place, Grades 7-9
"Lend a Hand" by Reyers Bruscoe, Diocese of Albany

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"Have you ever been afraid and the simple act of someone taking your hand in theirs made you less afraid? Any problem or obstacle that we face can be overcome if we work together. The simple act of joining hands with another empowers both people and is the first step to moving forward. My song calls for all people to work together to fulfill the mission of CCHD to bring justice to all and end poverty."


 3rd Place, Grades 10-12
"Insert Community Here" by Joe Garrett, Diocese of Nashville


"You walk around Nashville and see areas that buildings were built, but the area that was there before was a community, and when the building was built, many people of the old community went into poverty...The message of my art is that we as a community need to stop saying we are going to do something. We need to actually do something."


Honorable Mention
"Community—Working Together, Growing Together" by Elyse Sheppard, Kyle Benkel, Jordan Downs, Sam Driscoll, Isabel Vasquez, Emily Dormady, Evan Anderson, Lindsay Staudt, and Nicole Breske, Diocese of Orlando


This entry shows what "ideal" community would look like "if we applied Catholic social teaching to overcome poverty through education, cooperation, Christian love, respect for others, and building a community that lifts people out of poverty."