2017 National Study of Catholic Campus Ministry

Launching a national study of Catholic campus ministry, the Secretariat of Catholic Education seeks to advance Catholic identity in higher education and to rejuvenate the vision for Catholic campus ministry nationally. A two pronged approach explored 1) the impact Catholic campus ministry has on those who participate and 2) the formation and development of those who minister on campus. The process engaged practitioners, colleges and universities, networks and organizations active in campus ministry.

Preliminary Findings 

This report of preliminary findings was presented to the Committee on Catholic Education at their November 2017 meeting.

2017 National Study of Catholic Campus Ministry: Basic Findings 


25th Anniversary World Congress on Catholic Education

The main guidelines for the mission of Catholic schools and universities include:

  • An education that teaches critical thinking and offers a path for values to mature.
  • Serving as witness to the love of Jesus for His people.
  • Search for mutual understanding and a desire to find points for encounter.
  • An education that leads students to make their knowledge and skills available to others in service.
  • Attention to the poor and concern for those in disadvantaged circumstances.
  • Education as an act of hope.

World Congress on Catholic Education - Presentation


The Ten Year Review  for The Application of Ex corde Ecclesiae for the United States

Continuing with on-going dialogue between bishops and university presidents, the Higher Education Working group continues to address the subject areas identified during the ten year review process. The subject areas include:

  • Continuing dialogue between bishops and presidents toward greater cooperation in advancing the mission of the Church
  • Hiring for mission
  • Forming trustees, faculty, and staff regarding Catholic identity
  • Addressing the need for improved, accurate, and deeper theological and catechetical knowledge through curricular and pastoral means.

Final Report for the Ten Year Review of The Application of Ex Corde Ecclesiae for the United States


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The Five Year Review for Ex corde Ecclesiae

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