We offer the following ideas and suggestions as aids in planning for the annual Catholic Home Missions Appeal (CHMA).

These dates are based on the national collection date of the last Sunday in April. Adjust as necessary if your (arch)diocese takes up the Appeal on a different date.


  • Working alone or with a committee of interested people, plan next year’s campaign.
  • Brainstorm more effective ways to promote the Appeal, taking the needs of pastors and donors into account.
  • Schedule conversations with pastors for the first quarter of the new year to explain the Home Missions cause. Consider one-on-one meetings, telephone calls, a presentation at presbyteral or deanery meetings, or some other means.


  • Encourage pastors in every parish (or at least in key ones) to designate an interested parishioner to promote the Appeal. Parish representatives can ensure collection envelope distribution; explain the CHMA to the Parish Council and Finance Council, encourage the pastor to endorse the collection at Mass.
  • Call your diocesan newspaper editors to request that they donate advertising space in their April issues to the CHMA, or ask the Home Missions staff to underwrite the ads.
  • Share Appeal resources with your diocesan education, development and communications staff.


  • Distribute parish CHMA materials unless you have requested that USCCB Office of National Collections mail to parishes directly.
  • Encourage your diocesan newspaper to run feature stories on programs funded by the CHMA, either in your own diocese or in a mission diocese.
  • Ask your bishop to write to priests and diocesan editors about the upcoming Appeal. (See the Sample Bishops' Letter on this website.)
  • Arrange diocesan press coverage of the Appeal. Ask the editor to print the bishop's letter.


  • Follow up with key parishes to encourage their support of the Appeal.
  • Place a web banner or button on your diocesan website's front page.


  • Thank pastors and parishioners through notes or emails.
  • Ask the editor to announce the results of the Appeal in the diocesan press, thanking all donors.