The Subcommittee on the Catholic Home Missions is composed of eight bishops, with additional bishop consultant as necessary. Each year the Subcommittee, with the assistance of its staff, reviews and evaluates grant applications and makes funding decisions.

Subcommittee Members


  • Bishop W. Shawn McKnight, Diocese of Jefferson City


  • Bishop Bohdan J. Danylo, Ukrainian Eparchy of St. Josaphat in Parma
  • Bishop Daniel Mueggenborg, Diocese of Reno
  • Bishop Steven J. Raica, Diocese of Birmingham
  • Bishop James Tamayo, Diocese of Laredo
  • Bishop Anthony Taylor, Diocese of Little Rock
  • Bishop Michael W. Warfel, Emeritus, Diocese of Great Falls-Billings
  • Bishop Chad Zielinski, Diocese of New Ulm

National Staff

The national staff manages day-to-day operations, including allocations and education. Staff can be reached via e-mail at: @email.

Kevin Francis Day, Director
(202) 541-5400

Kenneth Q. Ong, Grants Specialist
(202) 541-3010

Mariya Lupiy, Grants Administrator
(202) 541-3238

Fax: 202-541-3473