The Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, under the guidance and direction of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities, works to teach respect for all human life from conception to natural death, and organize for its protection.

To serve this goal we:

  • Develop educational material on pro-life issues
  • Conduct educational campaigns in the Church – e.g.,  Respect Life Program that begins on the first Sunday of each October
  • Conduct educational campaigns in the public square – radio, print, exhibit
  • Circulate fact sheets and other information on critical issues
  • Publish Life Issues Forum, a biweekly column for Catholic newspapers Encourage and enable programs to meet the needs of pregnant women, children, persons with disabilities, those who are sick or dying, and all who have been involved in abortion
  • Provide dioceses with pro-life liturgical suggestions each month
  • Coordinate/advise on public policy efforts concerning these issues
  • Assist dioceses to implement major pro-life programs