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We pray for the freedom to live out our faith through respect for human life.


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be


In recent years, religious freedom has been increasingly threatened, endangering our ability to live out our Faith in ways such as protecting and defending human life. Health care legislation has repeatedly tried to mandate abortion and contraceptive coverage in insurance plans and force Catholic hospitals to provide abortion. Health care professionals have been the victims of discrimination for refusing to participate in or refer for abortion. Most disturbing, nurses have reported being forced to participate in abortion procedures, directly violating their deeply held religious beliefs. As Catholics, we know that every human life is created in the image and likeness of God. Let us pray for the protection of religious freedom in our nation, that we may continue our pro-life efforts in accord with the Gospel of Life.

Acts of Reparation (choose one)

  • Learn the stories of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More. See why these two faithful men are regarded as the patrons of religious freedom and seek their intercession.

  • Join in prayer and sacrifice with other Catholics during Religious Freedom Week, June 22-June 29. Consider making a small sacrifice each day for the intention of preserving religious freedom.

  • Offer some other sacrifice, prayer, or act of penance that you feel called to do for this month’s intention.

One Step Further

Health care professionals should never be forced to violate their deeply held religious beliefs. Learn how the Conscience Protection Act, if enacted in law, would protect the religious freedom of doctors and nurses in two brief videos.

Did you know?

The Second Vatican Council declared that religious liberty is a human right for all people. See the multiple papal encyclicals that teach why this first freedom must be protected under law.

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