Thesesuggestions are simply meant to provide some ideas for use of the Respect Life materials in faith formation efforts. Be sure to know and follow all local policies and procedures, particularly safe environment and parental rights policies, and to obtain the appropriate permissions before moving forward. If you have any questions about applicable policies, contact your parish, school, diocese, and/or other relevant authoritative entities.


You can either order the Respect Life materials, or  download them for FREE!


Respect Life Program 2018 - Poster

Hang the poster in the classroom. Explain the theme, "Every Life: Cherished, Chosen, Sent," within the context of our God-given human dignity and what it means for our daily lives and decisions, particularly within the context of respect for human life. (The reflection flyer listed below unpacks the theme.)

Provide a sticky note to each student, and instruct them to each write down an example of how someone could apply the theme to daily life. Give examples from the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy, like feeding the hungry by donating to a pregnancy care center or comforting the sorrowful by visiting aging residents of nursing homes who have no one to remind them how loved they are.

Post their ideas next to the poster, and invite the students to take down a sticky note (not their own), do the action, and write a one-paragraph reflection on the experience for extra credit.


Respect Life Program 2018 - Bulletin Set

Incorporate the 2018-2019 articles into your curriculum. Also consider using one or more of the 2016-2017 articles, each of which has which accompanying reference information.

Bring these resources to the attention of school counselors, teachers, and other professional staff for incorporation into their own educational efforts.

Reflection Flyer

Respect Life Program 2018 - Flyer

Use as an opening reflection before beginning class.

Assign students to read the flyer and then write a brief reflection of their own.

Using the Materials: General Suggestions

Resource Guide 

The Respect Life Program materials are meant to help you build a culture of life, whatever your area of work or ministry. Whether you're serving in a parish, Catholic education, faith formation, communications, or pro-life, youth, young adult, or campus ministry--there's something for you! (More Information: Respect Life Program FAQ)

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RLP 2017 1. Respect Life Program: FAQ
    (en español)

2.  E-Tools to Know
    (en español)

3.  Intercessions for Life
    (en español)

4.  Respect Life Display: How To
     (en español)

5.  Youth Contest: How To     
     (en español)

6.  Youth Contest: Flyer
     (en español)

7.  Youth Contest: Judges' Score Sheet
     (en español)

8.  9 Days for Life: Leaders' Guide
     (en español)



RLP 2017

The folder can be used for more than just holding the 2017-2018 Respect Life Program materials!

For example, put a label with customized information for your organization (ministry, parish, school, diocese, etc.) on the right inside pocket, and use the folder to hold participant materials for local conferences, retreats, and gatherings.


(DOWNLOAD / Request print copy by calling toll-free 866-582-0943.)

Respect Life Program 2018 - Catalog
Make others aware of the variety of materials available to order from the USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities, ranging from prayer cards to posters and more. 

Because of the wide array available, people serving in various capacities can find helpful resources for their job or ministry. 

Give them copies of the catalog, or direct them to, where they can access it online.