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9 Days for Life 2019 Videos

Videos Opposing Assisted Suicide

  • The Alvarez Family Story
    Sylvia and Serena Alvarez share the inspiring story of Deacon Sal Alvarez--how he fought for justice throughout his life, working for farmers' rights, advocating for access to health care for Latinos, and, near the end of his life, fighting against assisted suicide. They invite viewers to join them in continuing his fight for access to authentic health care, and against assisted suicide.

  • Cecelia's Story
    Cecilia Soñé, a nurse practitioner, says that legalizing assisted suicide sends the false message that some lives are worth caring for and others are not. Watch to learn how she went into medicine to help heal patients, not to help kill them!

  • Luke's Story
    You don't discourage suicide by assisting suicide. "Every suicide is tragic – whether you're old or young, healthy or sick, your life is worth living," says Luke Maxwell, 19, who survived an attempt to take his own life.
  • John's Story: Beyond Independence
    Born without arms, John Foppe speaks to a way of life beyond independence, namely inter-dependence: Together we are more. Assisted suicide sells everyone short, so in times of illness or disability, he encourages us to "step into life!"
  • Jeanette's Story: 15 Years Later
    In 2000, when Oregon resident Jeanette Hall had less than a year to live, she asked her cancer doctor for the pills to commit suicide. Dr. Kenneth Stevens got to know her better and inspired her to consider treatment. The tumor just "melted away" and now -- 15 years later -- Jeanette says, "It's great to be alive!"
  • Maggie's Story
    Maggie Karner was diagnosed with brain cancer and strongly opposed assisted suicide, even until her passing in September 2015. Watch this strong woman share her powerful story of hope and courage.

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  • #StandWithNurses: Sandra's Story
    After decades of faithful service to children and families, Illinois pediatrics nurse, Sandra Mendoza, lost her county health department job when she objected to participating in abortion. It's time to #StandWithNurses for their conscience rights! (00:01:00)

  • Stand with Cathy for Conscience Rights
    Cathy Cenzon-DeCarlo, RN, was forced by her employer to participate in a late-term abortion against her deeply-held pro-life beliefs – a major violation of her conscience rights. (00:1:32)

  • Masterpieces of God's Creation  / en español
    Pope Francis reaches out to the weakest and most vulnerable in his Day for Life greeting. (00:01:12)

  • Life Matters!
    From exuberant cheers to the quiet stillness of night prayer, youth and young adults share their joy at participating in the March for Life and related events.
  • Call to Prayer for Life, Marriage & Religious Liberty  / en español
    The U.S. Catholic Bishops have called for a nationwide effort to advance a movement for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty through prayer, penance, and sacrifice. Find out how you can respond. (00:01:24)

  • Made for Life
    The union of husband and wife is the awesome call to participate with God in the incredible adventure of creating a new human being, welcoming that child into the world, and forming him or her on the cornerstone of marriage. For more information, go to www.marriageuniqueforareason.org. (00:10:07)