Frequently Asked Questions


Where may I find contact information for my bishop?

You can find contact information for bishops here.

Where may I find a list of diocesan newspapers in the United States?

You can find a list of diocesan newspapers in the United States here.

Search historic Catholic newspapers back to the 19th Century at the Catholic News Archive here.

Where may I find a live stream of daily Mass?

You can find a live stream of the daily Mass here.

How can I get the Directory for Catechesis?

The Directory for Catechesis (2020) is not currently available online as per the Holy See's request. You may purchase it with various publishers including:



Directory for Catechesis | Catholic Books Direct

Where may I find volunteer opportunities in my area and elsewhere?

See the following resources to help you find volunteer opportunities in your area:

Catholic Charities USA has links to all of its regional offices across the country. See their location finder here.

Catholic Charities of Baltimore has a Volunteer Portal where you can locate volunteer opportunities in the Maryland region here.

Where may I find Vatican issued documents, certificates, anniversary cards, or stamps?

For Vatican issued documents, see the following resources:

For requests for a General Audience with the Holy Father or to attend a Papal Mass, see:

Prefecture of the the Papal Household

For requests for a Papal Blessing on Parchment with a photo of the Pope, see:

The Office of Papal Charities manages the preparation of papal blessing parchments on Mondays through Saturdays

For requests to purchase Vatican stamps, see:

The Vatican Philatelic Society

How does the USCCB review and rate movies?

Movies are given a rating of A-I: General Patronage; A-II: Adults & Adolescents; A-III: Adults; L: Limited adult audience, films whose problematic content many adults would find troubling; and O: Morally Offensive.  See more details here.

The Media Review Office of Catholic News Service is responsible for assessing motion pictures, television programs, home entertainment, video games and comic books. With regard to films, video games and some comic books, the office also assigns a classification indicating the work’s appropriate audience — or flagging it as unsuitable for all. The office maintains, and continues to expand, the database of capsule reviews — now several thousand — that was first compiled by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Office for Film and Broadcasting to offer families and individuals an assessment of the moral and entertainment value of theatrical features made available for home viewing since the advent of VHS.

For access to movie reviews, visit the Catholic News movie reviews here.