Theology of the Body Overview

For a popular explanation of the Theology of the Body:

Part 1: The Words of Christ

Christ Appeals to the "Beginning"
Catechesis on the Book of Genesis (TOB 1-23; Sep 1979 – Apr 1980)

  1. What is meant by “Beginning?”
  2. The meaning of Original Solitude
  3. The meaning of Original Unity
  4. The meaning of Original Nakedness
  5. Man in the dimension of gift
  6. “Knowledge” and procreation (Gen 4:1)
  7. [Conclusion: an integral vision]

Christ appeals to the Human Heart
Catechesis on the Sermon on the Mount (TOB 24-63; Apr 1980 – May 1981)

  1. In the light of the Sermon on the Mount
  2. The man of concupiscence
  3. Commandment and ethos
  4. The “Heart” – accused or called?
  5. The ethos of the Redemption of the Body
  6. Purity as “life according to the Spirit”
  7. The Gospel of the Purity of Heart – yesterday and today
    Appendix: the ethos of the body in art and media

Christ Appeals to the Resurrection
The Resurrection of the Body (TOB 64 – 86; Nov 1981 – Jul 1982)

  1. The resurrection of the body as a reality of the “Future World”
  2. Continence for the Kingdom of Heaven
    [Conclusion of Part 1: the Redemption of the Body]

Part 2: The Sacrament

The Dimension of Covenant and of Grace
The Sacramentality of Marriage (TOB 87 – 102; Jul – Dec 1982)

  1. Ephesians 5:21-33
  2. Sacrament and mystery
  3. Sacrament and “Redemption of the Body”

The Dimension of Sign
(TOB 103-117; Jan 1983 – Jul 1984)

  1. “Language of the Body” and the reality of the Sign
  2. The Song of Songs
  3. When the “Language of the Body” becomes Language of the Liturgy (Reflections on Tobit)

He Gave Them the Law of Life as Their Inheritance
Reflections on Humanae vitae (TOB 118 – 133; Jul 1984 – Nov 1984)

  1. The ethical problem
  2. Outline of Conjugal Spirituality

*This overview is based on Pope John Paul II’s original outline. In Michael Waldstein’s, Man and Woman He Created Them – A Theology of the Body (Pauline Books & Media: 2006), p. 106.