Sympto-Thermal Methods

A Summary of the Fairfield Study
Frank J. Rice, Claude A. Lanctot, and Consuelo Garcia-Devesa
This article reports on an international study from1977 of the statistical evaluation of the Sympto-Thermal Method. The study conducted was of fertile women from five different countries to determine menstrual cycle length and pregnancy rates. They tested women using STM as compared to those using contraceptives.

Further Evolution of the Sympto-Thermal Methods
Josef Roetzer
This article describes the tested effectiveness of the Sympto-Thermal Method. It explains, in detail, how to chart a menstrual cycle with the different approaches to STM. In doing so, Dr. Roetzer examines the evolution of the Sympto-Thermal Method and the reliability gained in conception regulation.

Sympto-Thermal Methods of Natural Family Planning
Josef Roetzer
With today's pedagogical techniques, almost 100% of fertile women can recognize their menstrual cycle based on mucus secretion thanks to the Sympto-Thermal Method. This article gives a brief overview of how this method works and what makes it effective.


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