NFP Pioneers

The International Review of Natural Family Planning (1977-1988)

The following classic articles are posted with the permission of the editors of the IRNFP.

  • A Positive Solution for Achieving and Postponing Pregnancy Evelyn L. Billings. Evelyn Billings, co-creator of the Billings Ovulation Method, offers this article to better inform NFP teachers of their roles. As we realize more about the reliability of NFP we also come to find out how much of a Christian endeavor in the pursuit of family happiness this program truly is. 
  • Natural Family Planning: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow John J. Billings. Dr. John Billings and his wife, Evelyn, are the creators of the Billings Ovulation Method. In this article, Dr. John takes the time to describe how they discovered and developed this method of NFP. 
  • Margaret Sanger: Founder of Modern Society Elasah Drogin. Elasah Drogin, Jewish convert and then-president of Catholics United for Life, provides an animated account of the life and work of Margaret Sanger. Throughout this account, the reader is able to clearly see the progression of Sanger's idealistic views as the daughter of a poor Irish immigrant to her radically influential submersion of eugenic birth control into the American culture.
  • Legal Aspects of Compulsory Sterilization in America Michael A. Vaccari, J.D. Fordham Law School graduate, Michael Vaccari, details several significant United States Supreme Court cases. Vaccari specifically highlights the discussion regarding compulsory sterilization, the right to privacy, and the violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.
  • Pathfinders 2: Wilhelm Hillebrand, First Teacher of the Sympto-Thermic Method Rudolph F. Vollman. Through personal letters from Fr. Hillebrand, Dr. Vollman shares the methods and opinions of this German priest with medical roots. Fr. Hillebrand first learned of this natural method of family planning in 1933, and took it upon himself to personally investigate the methods and evaluate their effectiveness. He stresses the importance of facts and the proper support necessary to promote effective findings.

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