• 2017 National NFP Awareness Week was celebrated on July 23-29. The 2017 year's slogan was: It's time! Say "Yes" to God's plan for Marriage! Natural Family Planning. The slogan focuses on God's gift of the nature of marriage to husband and wife. Natural Family Planning is presented as a support for married couples to honor God's plan. Order the poster now at customerservice@ifcweb.com; tel., 1-866-582-0943. Ask for publication #1722 (folded or flat) to display in your parish!
  • 2016 National NFP Awareness Week was July 24-30. Please visit the NFP Week page for the 2016 poster and homily notes. 

  • New USCCB NFP resources available. A four panel (front and back) brochure on the Church's teaching on married love, responsible parenthood, and the methods of NFP viewed through the lens of love, mercy, and life is available for purchase. Contact: International Fulfillment Company (IFC) at 1-866-582-0943; or write, customerservice@ifcweb.com. Ask for publication #1626. To read the text, visit the Responsible Parenthood webpage. A two-page bulletin insert that summarizes the brochure is available for free. It is on the same webpage.

  • Ministry position open for a new Senior Director of Married Life in the Diocese of Raleigh. The Senior Director develops, coordinates, and administers a comprehensive marriage preparation and enrichment ministry in the diocese. To read the requirements of the position, visit the Diocese of Raleigh website.

  • Ministry position open for a new executive director for the Aid to Women Center in Tempe, AZ. Founded in 1985, the Center upholds and defends the dignity of human life through ethical education, medical care, and compassionate support. The executive director has strategic and operational responsibility which includes oversight of paid and volunteer staff. Preferred bachelor or advanced degree wanted with management experience. Contact:Benjamin, McDonald; tel, 612-655-7469; e-mail, benjamintmcdonald@gmail.com.
  • Past National NFP Awareness Week Posters. Remember that many of the past NFP posters can be used in your ongoing educational efforts since they do not include the dates of the year in which they were produced. See past posters. To order posters call toll-free: 1-866-582-0943 or write customerservice@ifcweb.com.

  • Please visit our education page for healthcare professionals! Remember that we have links and files of resources that can save you time and energy. We have a link to the MP4 files on an introduction to the science and methodology of NFP available from FACTS (Fertility Appreciation Collaborative to Teach the Science). These files provide a general overview of all NFP methods offered in the USA. In addition, PowerPoint slides with notes on the general science of NFP are available from Marquette University's NFP Institute. They have graciously donated them to us for your educational efforts!
    See: NFP Education for Healthcare Professionals.

  • The World Meeting on the Family was (Sept. 22-27, 2015). It was held in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (www.worldmeeting2015.org. . . ). Many of the national NFP leaders in addition to the USCCB hosted exhibit booths during the theological congress at the Convention Center.

  • National NFP Awareness Week 2015 July 19-25. Thank you to all the NFP educators who worked so hard to make the 2015 NFP Week a success! Remember, you can continue to use the 2015 poster in your ongoing educational efforts. See the 2015 poster here. To order the poster call toll-free: 1-866-582-0943 or write customerservice@ifcweb.com.
  • Please visit our education page for healthcare professionals!See: NFP Education for Healthcare Professionals

  • The Diocese of Fargo is currently accepting applications for a full-time Director for Marriage and Family Life. This role will have the responsibility of coordinating staff, programs and activities, facilitating communication and providing leadership to parishes within the diocese in the area of marriage and family life. The successful candidate will be a faithful and practicing Catholic, possess a graduate theological degree, with 3-5 years experience in pastoral ministry.  Other qualifications include: the ability to work effectively in hierarchical and collegial settings, the ability to articulate vision and strategy, strong communication and interpersonal skills, proven leadership, and integrity.  Application deadline is April 30, 2015. Submit cover letter, resume, and three references to: barbara.augdahl@fargodiocese.org.
  • It is not too early to think about the 2015 National NFP Awareness Week which will be celebrated on July 19-25. As our staff begins to develop the 2015 theme, please feel free to send us your suggested slogans. Send all ideas to nfp@usccb.org.
  • On October 19th, 2014 the Extraordinary Synod on the Family closed and the beatification of the Servant of God Pope Paul VI was celebrated. We remember Pope Paul VI with deep gratitude for his prophetic insights into conjugal love and responsible parenthood especially as seen in his 1968 encyclical, Humanae Vitae.

    Please join us in asking for the intercession of Pope Paul VI for all families, that they may joyfully discover and live God's beautiful plan for married love and life. Servant of God Pope Paul VI, pray for us!
  • Alice and Jeff Heinzen, a married couple, parents of three adult children, grandparents, NFP teachers, and long-time marriage ministers from the Diocese of LaCrosse, were auditors at the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family in Rome (Oct. 5-19). Jeff Heinzen is the former director of marriage and family life for the Diocese of LaCrosse. Mr. Heinzen recently left that position to take on the responsibilities as president of McDonell Catholic Schools in Chippewa Falls, WI. Alice is both the diocesan NFP coordinator as well as family life director. Mrs. Heinzen is also a member of the USCCB's NFP National Advisory Board. The Heinzens have over 30 years pastoral experience of working with couples in both marriage and NFP ministry. As master teachers of the Northwest SymptoPro method, they understand the challenges and blessings of the NFP life style. The Heinzens are a joyful NFP couple that we can all be proud of! Read their reflection which they presented to the synod fathers on October 7th here.
  • The Instrumentum Laboris, the agenda of the October 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family, is available on the Vatican's website. Entitled, The Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the Context of Evangelization this document provides a substantive reflection on the major challenges facing the family in the early twenty-first century as well as articulates certain pastoral challenges.

  • Thank you to all of you who have so energetically celebrated National NFP Awareness Week! We have received messages from NFP educators who have provided talks, worked information tables after Sunday Mass in their parishes, and also published articles in diocesan NFP newspapers and on websites. In fact, for an example of a wonderful article that the Knights of Columbus published on their FathersForGood.org website, see:

    http://www.fathersforgood.org/ffg/en/big_four/countercultural_revolutionaries.html. . .

    In addition to the above, USCCB NFP Program assistant director, Theresa Notare, PhD, offered a series of  talks in the Diocese of Crookston (Minnesota) during 2014 NFP week. The presentations were part of the diocesan year-long celebration devoted to marriage. Many thanks to Bishop Michael J. Hoeppner for launching this important year of marriage!
  • In 2014 National NFP Awareness Week was celebrated on July 20-26.
    The slogan was: NFP, it's worth it! Join the Revolution! Currently.

  • Bishop James D. Conley (Diocese of Lincoln) posted a pastoral letter : www.lincolndiocese.org/bishops/bishop-james-conley/statements/1848-the-language-of-love on marriage and family: This is a beautifully crafted letter that can help you promote the Church's teachings on marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood. Read and Share!

  • The 2012 Diocesan NFP Ministry Report (Profile) is available for your study. An interesting new development is that more dioceses are now looking into requiring a full course of NFP as part of their marriage preparation. See 2012 Profile. Thank you to all diocesan NFP coordinators who had submitted your data!
    Please be advised that we are not yet ready to request your data for 2013. You will be sent an email when the website survey is ready.

  • NFP Awareness Week 2013, "Pro-Woman, Pro-Man, Pro-Child, Natural Family Planning," was a huge success. Thank you for all of your help spreading the message about NFP and Catholic teaching that supports its use in marriage in your diocese. Visit our web page for continued use of the poster and other resources.Remember to send in a brief description of how you celebrated National NFP Awareness Week in your diocese. Please include your name, contact information and the name of your diocese. This important information will help us share creative ideas with others! Please send your report to: nfp@usccb.org.

  • We are always ready to accept your ideas for future NFP Awareness Week slogans. Keep the message focused on only one message and use simple but active language .The national NFP poster design is created to try to "catch" the attention of people who do not know about the methods of NFP and the truth of God's plan for married love. If your slogan is selected, we will print your name and diocese as well as inform your bishop of the "creative" talent he has in his diocese! Please send along your ideas to: nfp@usccb.org. We would love to hear from you!

  • We are always in need of your help! If you have seen good NFP videos and resources, or know of a couple that has a great story to share, please contact us at: nfp@usccb.org. We are always looking for inspirational stories!

  • NFP goes to Belize through the Diocese of Phoenix. Members of a parish in the Diocese went on mission to Belize and were blessed to have 40 individuals participate in NFP training. Read the full article and to see pictures, check the blog

  • Science, Faith and Human Fertility, The Third Conference on Ethical Fertility Health Management, Richard Fehring and Theresa Notare, editors. Published by Marquette University Press, this book is the printed proceedings of the interdisciplinary conference co-sponsored by: the Bishops Committee of Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, the Catholic University of America, School of Theology and Religious Studies, the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family at the Catholic University of America, Marquette University, College of Nursing Institute for NFP, St. Louis University, School of Nursing, Nursing Center for Fertility Education, and Georgetown University, Institute for Reproductive Health (science sessions only). Papers include reflections on NFP science and related subjects, the philosophical, theological, sociological and cultural aspects of NFP.  Available now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Marquette University Press.

  • To Diocesan NFP Coordinators: the on-line diocesan NFP coordinators' directory (Find an NFP Class) relies on the accuracy of the information posted there. Please check the information listed under your diocese and send us your edits at: nfp@usccb.org or 1-202-541-3240.