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Litany to Mary Mother of Life

This beautiful litany to Our Blessed Mother can be used for intercessory prayer.

Litany to Mary Mother of Life Pdf | En Español


For Your Marriage Prayer Resources

The For Your Marriage website offers many different resources for couples and families ranging from Catholic blessings and instructions for prayer, to the importance of marital spirituality.

7 Day Virtual Marriage Retreat

How to Pray With Your Spouse: 4 Simple Steps

Who Me, Pray?... With Her?

Faith and Spirituality: Enrichment

Faith and Spirituality: Must-Have Conversations

A Marriage Blessing

Prayers and Blessings

Marital Spirituality 


Prayers for Couples with Possible Infertility

When husbands and wives find themselves confronted with the possibility of infertility, praying with Sacred Scripture can provide a rich source of inspiration, comfort and even direction.

Genesis 17: 16-21
God promises a son to Abraham and Sarah in order to maintain His covenant that Abraham's descendents would be as numerous as the stars.

Genesis 25: 21
Isaac prayed to God on behalf of his wife, Rebekah, who was sterile and she bore twin sons.

Judges 13: 2-8
Though Manoah's wife is barren, she bears a son who will deliver Israel from the Philistines, Samson.

1 Samuel 1: 1-28
The prayer of Hannah is answered when she conceives a son whom she dedicates to the Lord.

Luke 1: 5-17, 57-80
An angel of the Lord appears to Zechariah to tell him that his wife Elizabeth, even though barren and advanced in years, will bear a son, John the Baptist.

For further reading, see Infertility Resource Page.