"Theology is the study of God, based on revelation."  

                                          (Catechism of the Catholic Church, Glossary)

In the work of teaching and applying Christian morality, the Church needs the dedication of pastors, the knowledge of theologians, and the contribution of all Christians.... (CCC, 2038)


The articles below include academic and pastoral writing and presentations (videos). They spring from Catholic doctrine that can be found in Magisterial documents provided on the Church teaching page.

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Suggested Reading

A Theological Perspective on Natural Family Planning By Msgr. James T. McHugh, S.T.D
This booklet by the founder of the U.S. bishops' NFP Program, the late Bishop James T. McHugh (Rockville Centre, NY), presents a summary of Catholic theology that supports NFP use in marriage. It quotes from relevant Church documents up to 1983.

Bibliography of Select Resources on Theology of NFP and Related Topics.

Humanae Vitae and the Cross of Infertility (Video)
Elizabeth R. Kirk, JD
This presentation given at the 2018 fiftieth anniversary symposium of Humanae vitae, reflects on Sacred Scripture to arrive at a deeper understanding of the fruitfulness of the married couple.Kirk sees Church teaching on fruitfulness as representative of the teachings of Christianity on suffering, hope, and joy. She notes that the task of fruitfulness belongs to every Christian, and infertility is simply one example of the way in which human suffering can bear spiritual fruit.

Humanae Vitae and the Technological Conquest of Humanity (Video)
Michael Hanby, PhD
This presentation presented at the 2018 fiftieth anniversary symposium of Humanae vitae, argues along with St. John Paul II, that the “anthropological vision” of Humanae vitae is indispensable to defending the humanum against the anti-human tendencies of technological society.

In Defense of Humanae Vitae: Dietrich von Hildebrand on Human Generation as the “Superabundant End” of the Conjugal Act (Video)
Maria Fedoryka, PhD
This presentation given at the 2018 fiftieth anniversary symposium of Humanae vitae, argues that Dietrich von Hildebrand’s view provides the necessary metaphysical bridge that renders the order of nature morally relevant in the case of persons. Dr. Fedoryka sees this as providing a cogent argument against contraceptive use due to the law of love, according to which the two dimensions of union and fecundity must be respected in their absolute inseparability. 

Natural Family Planning and an Integral Vision of the Person 
Marshall Fightlin, MA, MTh, STL
This article discusses that love is the true meaning behind the marital act (which is an action spoken as words with our bodies). NFP can help couples to focus on the conjugal embrace as a mutual self-gift of love.

Perspective: Is NFP Good?
Rev. Richard M. Hogan, PhD and Rev. John M. LeVoir, MA (now Most Rev.)
The authors discuss the Theology of the Body and NFP. They maintain that if taught correctly, Natural Family Planning can lead to a greater understanding of self, marriage, and family which would, in turn, cause only a benefit of good outcomes.

Redeeming Sexual Love in Marriage
Ronda Chervin, PhD
Dr. Chervin, professor of Philosophy, wife, and mother, writes about redeemed sexuality, characterized by love, commitment, responsibility, fruitfulness, and reverence in contrast to modern society's view.

Thomas Aquinas on Marriage, Fruitfulness, and Faithful Love (Video)
J. Budziszewski, PhD
This presentation presented at the 2018 fiftieth anniversary symposium of Humanae vitae, discusses the teaching of Aquinas on marriage, fruitfulness, and faithful love as a background to modern Church teaching.


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