Theology of NFP

The teachings of the Catholic Church about how God created men and women in His image and the meaning of the Divine gifts of human sexuality, marriage, conjugal love and responsible parenthood contribute to a theology of NFP. This theology is helpful to reflect upon in order to arrive at a deeper appreciation of God's will for married love. The U.S. bishops emphasize the importance of this theological reflection when they wrote in their document,  Married Love and the Gift of Life that . . .

"Married love differs from any other love in the world. By its nature, the love of husband and wife is so complete, so ordered to a lifetime of communion with God and each other, that it is open to creating a new human being they will love and care for together. Part of God’s gift to husband and wife is this ability in and through their love to cooperate with God’s creative power. Therefore, the mutual gift of fertility is an integral part of the bonding power of marital intercourse. That power to create a new life with God is at the heart of what spouses share with each other." (USCCB, Married Love and the Gift of Life, 2006)

This page provides resources of Catholic theological reflection on NFP and its related topics.

Catholic Teaching and Population Issues

Population Policy: The Moral Dimension
James T. McHugh

The founder of the USCCB's NFP Program highlights significant Vatican and United Nations struggles and successes in maintaining human dignity amidst growing pressures for government population changes. This essay provides a summary of Catholic principles for ethical population policies.

Natural Law and NFP

Responsible Parenthood

Spirituality and NFP

Theological Reflections on NFP

Theological Reflections on Papal Teachings

Why NFP is NOT Contraception