Session Two: Setting the Table – Information needed for planning (length: 2 hours)

Session two focuses on factors necessary to establish a successful framework for strategic property planning.

Session Two Support Materials

Support materials are arranged sequentially and are designed to accompany the information presented in the video. The files can be accessed as needed or used in their entirety. Click on each link below to download.

  1. Sample statement of explanation concerning the need for strategic property planning

  2. List of major assumptions TRENDS requires

  3. Top 10 ways TRENDS can be helpful to a religious institute in a strategic property planning process

  4. Pros and cons of authorizing a land title survey prior to strategic property planning

  5. Pros and cons of initiating a facilities study prior to strategic property planning

  6. Pros and cons of obtaining a real estate appraisal prior to strategic property planning

  7. List of other data and information that may be needed for strategic property planning

  8. Advantages of defining and articulating a religious institute's realities

  9. List of realities a religious institute may want to define

  10. Examples of desired attributes of planning team or committee members

  11. Pros and cons of including lay staff, advisors and friends on planning teams or committees

  12. Typical duties of a planning team or committee chair

  13. Pros and cons of engaging members in a strategic property planning process

  14. Components of effective membership engagement strategies

  15. Tools and techniques for effective membership engagement

  16. Eight characteristics of change relevant to religious institutes

  17. List of major session take-away points

  18. Glossary of key terms used in Session 2