Please find below Social Media graphics in English and Spanish to share and promote Natural Family Planning during NFP Awareness Week 2020! They are formatted for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. No elements are to be taken out of the design.


NFP is about love and God's plan for your marriage! Married couple NFP - Live the truth and beauty of God's plan for married love! Bride and Groom NFP Week begins tomorrow! Tulip Bouquet NFP - It's about love, life, freedom, and gift! Family outside together Married love helps husband and wife grow in one heart and soul. Husband and wife. It's about love! Man and woman kiss in rain. blooming flower It's about life! Husband and wife with two small children, she is pregnant with third. When husband and wife use NFP they realize they are ministers of God's design. Husband kisses wife's pregnant belly. It's about freedom! Man and woman laugh in the rain together. In NFP spouses accept the whole of the other person, including their fertility. Box wrapped in bow. It's about gift! Heart wedding cake topper. NFP allows couples to act as ministers of God's plan. Husband and wife with five children and new baby It's about love! Heart shape made from sparkler lights. It's about life! Little boy listens to mom's pregnant belly. It's about life! Mother and father playing with new baby. NFP - An invitation to accept God's gifts! Mother and father enjoying the day outside with their four kids.




man and woman smile at each other Happy bride and groom Bouquet of Tulips family with four young children walking outside Excited engaged couple shows off ring budding flower Pregnant mom with dad looking down at their two children husband kisses wife's pregnant belly engaged couple gets caught in the rain Bow on a gift Heart-shaped topper on a wedding cake five older siblings gather around new baby sister with parents smiling in background firework in the shape of a heart young son hugs mom's pregnant belly Parents playing with new baby family with four young children sitting outside

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